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Iconic Protest Picture

I’ll preface this post with this picture. In it is an anonymous man who stood in front of a column of Chinese Type 59 tanks the morning after the Chinese military forcibly removed protestors from in and around Bejing’s Tiananmen Square on June 5th, 1989. This post will be a bunch of pictures I have found here and there.

4 Branches Of Government

Sad but true.

Male Dominated Culture

It’s all about different perspectives and influences.

90s in One Photo

I’m a huge Will Smith fan. From Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to iRobot, I am Legend and the Pursuit of Happyness, he’s been a generation defining actor for me.

Fear Makes The Wolf Look Bigger

This is my favorite picture as it applies to the current state of affairs in the United States in my opinion.

Most of these pictures are from one of my favorite websites to browse,